HM Hostel
Ap.14, Maly Afansyevskiy 1/33, Moscow, Russia

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Nestled in the heart of Old Moscow, just blocks from the Kremlin and Red Square and a host of other tourist destinations, HM Hostel Moscow offers the best location in Moscow. Add to that the benefit of being in a safe and well-lit neighborhood, making it safe and comfortable to return late after a long day of sight-seeing.

Friendly staff are available around-the-clock to ensure that your visit is top-notch from beginning to end.

The Arbat area has many bars and restaurants, yet more often than not guests like to stay and have a drink at the hostel together because of its warm and friendly atmosphere. Our friendly English, French, Dutch, Hungarian and of course Russian speaking staff are at the hostel 24/7 to make your stay enjoyable, provide assistance if needed and keep the hostel clean and proper at all times.

Our accommodations consist of several dorms among which a men only and a women only. We have a beautiful bathroom and our well equipped kitchen is a great alternative to going to the (not so cheap) restaurants in Moscow. We also offer free Wi-Fi and have a computer in our
cozy common room.

The prices of accommodations are season bound, but always affordable especially for Moscow standards. Members of the Youth Hostels Association of Russia (YHAR) and Hostelling International (HI) receive a 2,- discount per night.

Obtaining an invitation to visit Russia has proven to be problematic for travelers. To help and make this as easy as possible for our guests, we offer Visa invitation support.



HM Hostel
Gogolevsky Boulevard, 33/1, 4th floor, 1st entrance. Dial 14 at the keypad.
Moscow, Russia 119019,

Please, be careful and dont mix us with the apartment downstairs on the 3d floor who took the name Hostel Moscow 444. We are not responsible for the quality provided there.

By metro:
- Metro station: Arbatskaya - Filyovskaya line (light blue line).
As soon as you are out of metro you can see our building at the other side of the road from the left. We are across from the Gogol' Monument.
When you are out of the metro, take a right. There will be a pedestrian underpass in front of you. Proceed through the underpass and take a left. Our hostel is at the corner of Gogolyevskiy Boulevard and Maliy Afanasieysky Side-street. The entrance is on the side street: go to the gray door and dial 14 on the keypad. We are on the 4th floor, at apartment 14.

From metro station Borovitskaya (grey line) or Biblioteka imeni Lenina (red line):
Take an exit to Znamenka Street, when you are out of metro, go to the right and turn to the right again after corner, keep walking strict directly untill you reach Gogolyevskiy Boulvar (you will see a park with a big monument). Cross the street and you are right near our building. Our entrance is from M. Afanasyevskiy Pereulok, first grey door.

From metro station Kropotkinskaya (red line):
Take an exit to Gogolyevsky Boulevard. When you are out go to the right along the park. When you reach Gogolyevskiy Monument, we are from the left hand on the corner. Entrance is from M. Afanasyevskiy Pereulok, first grey door.

You can also reach us from the metro stations Arbatskaya (dark blue line), Borovitskaya (grey line), Biblioteka imeni Lenina (red line) and Aleksandrovskiy Sad (lightblue line), but then your way to us will take about 10 mins walk.